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Barb Pearson

Mixed Media Artist Barb Pearson Portrait

Revel in the liberation and freedom that Barb Pearson finds and expresses in her complex, mixed-media, abstract pieces. Fueled by political and socio-economic issues, her paintings are moving, inspiring and irresistibly mesmerizing. Building up layers of paint and recycled media to create rich textures and details, Pearson packs drama and evokes a multitude of emotions. Let her help you step outside your comfort zone and take an adventure through art.

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“When I paint I “let go” and the sense of mystery of not knowing what is going to happen next creates the excitement and curiosity that I need to stay inspired.”

Artist Inspiration

Having practiced as a trial lawyer for years before pursuing her career as an artist, Pearson approaches her work with honesty and passion, because being true to herself and others is at the core of everything she does.

Throwing out the rulebooks and any schooled notion of process, Pearson finds great liberation in the freedom of art. Letting go of control and working through her emotions might be interpreted as chaotic, but she explains that “such spontaneity creates the freedom and freshness that I cherish”.

Barb Pearson Abstract Artist in Vancouver, BC

Artistic Process

The richness in texture is immediately evident in Barb Pearson’s works, a result of using a multitude of materials and techniques in her paintings. Her power to create treasure from someone else’s trash is remarkable.

With a process driven by intuition and emotion, she typically creates dense layers which are deconstructed and rebuilt time and time again, until the surface is multifaceted and has a story to tell that she never could have imagined prior to starting.

Barb Pearson Textured Art Print Detail

Barb on Failure

"Anything that has the potential for failure gets my heart and creativity pumping as rescuing something from disaster creates the highest payoff for me."

Farm Life

In 2018, Pearson swapped the buzz of Downtown Vancouver’s West End for the synergistic ecosystems of a homestead farm, bringing a world of challenges and fresh inspiration for her art.

Favorite Quote
"We all know that Art is not truth. Art is a lie that makes us realize truth." -Pablo Picasso

Barb Pearson's Prints

This Géomatique textured art print perfectly captures mixed-media artist, Barb Pearsons, heavily layered works Out of stock

Capturing the Big Picture

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