“As an artist I am drawn to the way in which light and color marry to form shape, fire our imaginations and inspire our emotions.”

Artist Inspiration

Inspired by a wealth of both the expected and unexpected things in life, Sower relishes in her innate desire and hunger to be in her studio daily. She explains, “The process of painting is like a meditation for me. I crave it. And when I’m really hooked in it’s pure bliss.”

Drawn to shape and color, both values in abstraction, Sower engages her viewers by allowing us to fill in the details. Her florals are tactile and interpretive, conveying a strong sense of tension and joy.

Claire Sower, Impasto Floral Artist in Vancouver, BC

Artistic Process

Forgoing detail in favor of essence, Sower works efficiently in acrylics by using palette knives to sculpt and build depth. Layering paint and allowing colors to mix on the canvas brings a sense of immediacy to her work, which conveys a flower’s “living energy.”

With a balance between rich textures and a palette that’s soothing and soft enough to work in even the simplest of interiors, Sower strikes the perfect balance of providing intrigue without distracting from life happening within a room.

Claire Sower Textured Art Print Detail

Role Model
I’m influenced by many artists, largely the late Bernard Cathelin. He was a master of understatement whose thick, impasto brushwork and use of color inspires me in ways I cannot explain.
Studio life

Claire Sower’s second home is her studio, a bright and airy top-floor space in one of Vancouver’s most iconic and vibrant art communities – 1000 Parker Street Studios.

Favorite Quote
“Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist." -Pablo Picasso