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Danie Wood

Danie Wood

Inspired by her natural surroundings in the Pacific Northwest, Danie Wood expresses her moods and cuts deep into her raw feelings and emotions with rich pigments, bold strokes and sweeps of paint. With a highly respected body of work, Wood’s art is truly considered fine art and is perfect for homes craving artwork that is deep and meaningful, bursting with passion.

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“The natural world inspires me. Watching the seasons come and go, watching clouds transform. I live on an acreage where I can see the sea and mountains, which are in a constant state of change.”

Artist Inspiration

Driven by the physical appeal of applying paint to her canvases, Danie Wood explains that her practice is cathartic, a “Zen cleansing”. With an art practice deep-rooted in pure appreciation of art, creating and painting has been a huge part of Wood’s life since childhood.

Living in a coastal town on Vancouver Island, the natural world is a huge influence in Wood’s work. Surrounded by both ocean and mountain views, and ever-changing weather systems, every day provides fresh ideas and opportunities to create something new.

Naturally, her works can be tied to basic elements – fire, wind, earth and water.

Danie Wood Abstract Artist in Sooke, Vancouver Island, BC

Artistic Process

Utilizing a variety of tools and traditional mediums to create layers and rich textures, Wood’s pieces are complex yet versatile, evoking emotion and stirring our senses.

Typically working in oil on any medium - canvas, wood, and even found material - Wood has a unique perspective on her choice of materials.

“I love the organic, live pigment of oil. It feels as if it has life! Even though it will take a lifetime to dry, I am not opposed to leave it thick on the canvas, which will eventually crack, age and transform.”

Danie Wood Textured Art Print Detail

Artist Inspiration

Woods names a handful of artists that have been key influencers in her art career, including Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, and, thanks to her German heritage, Anslem Kiefer.

A Young Museum Goer

“Art was the only thing I was really good at, at school. I spent my childhood trailing behind my parents, who had a penchant for art museums throughout Europe.”

Favorite Quote
“If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.”-Albert Einstein

Danie Wood's Prints

Modern landscape textured art print. Famous Blue Rain (Jeanne) by Danie Woods Out of stock

Famous Blue Rain (Jeanne)

$900 USD
Woods' Famous Blue Rain Framed Abstract Landscape Géomatique Textured Art Print Out of stock

Famous Blue Rain (Dylan)

$900 USD
Contemporary Landscape Géomatique Textured Art Print , Famous Blue Rain, (Olivia) by Danie Wood Out of stock

Famous Blue Rain (Olivia)

$900 USD
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