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Deb Chaney

Contemporary Abstract Artist Deb Chaney Portrait

Ignited by her inner spiritual journey, Deb Chaney’s abstract compositions take you on a path of emotional discovery. Favoring calming palettes, she creates with the intention to soothe and nurture. Her process often begins with a palette knife in hand, and inspiration from within. Hours, days and sometimes months later, after applying and taking away layers of acrylic paints & mixed media, a painting emerges with its own story, its own lessons and the healing gift of its creation.

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“Art is life. Life is art. We are all artists, all creators. I believe this. We are all here to create our lives... so all life is art.”

Artist Inspiration

Chaney explains her drive to paint is simply; “Love. I would paint whether nobody knew, or the whole world knew I was painting. I am in love with the creative process, I love the challenge of it, the fun of it and the newness of it.”

Her studio is a sacred environment, as she explains that’s where she enters a zone of creation, where time simply disappears. She likens it to a place of ‘muchin’, a Japanese word for no-mindedness. A place of pure love.

Deb Chaney Abstract Artist in Vancouver, BC

Artistic Process

Working with a plethora of materials and mediums, Chaney’s complex and layered art exudes her positive and balanced soul, with expressions of freedom melded with wisdom in her strokes.

Chaney works through a complex process of layering, which comes to her throughout the process of creation. Caught up in the timeless flow of creation she delves into her treasure trove of materials, with everything from old books and sand, to a vast buffet of paints, pastes and varnishes.

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Deb Chaney is an award-winning contemporary abstract artist, based in Vancouver, BC. Recognized for her unique multi-layered & textured paintings.

Studio life

Deb Chaney’s studio is as full of painting supplies as it is her infectious energy. With studio-neighbors who gift each other homemade soaps and treats, Chaney thrives in the special community at Braid Street Studios.

Favorite Quote
“The journey of who you once were and who you are becoming is where the dance of life takes place." -Barb De Angelis

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