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Pietro Adamo

Pietro Adamo Impasto Landscape Artist Portrait

Pietro Adamo is known for his joyful confetti canons of color and texture. Inspired by the beauty of the world around us, his works will delight your sense of adventure. With a robust combination of geometric spatial relationships and raw, emotional use of color, Adamo’s pieces emanate optimism and strength. Their bold infectious energy is perfect for making a statement in a busy living space.

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“I have to paint.... to speak without words, to express myself without restrictions, never relenting.”

Artist Inspiration

Pietro Adamo’s works are abstract celebrations of his admiration for both the unpredictable and inexhaustible record of life. Travel is an important source of inspiration, drawing influence from artists of all periods and from the world around us.

Adamo also takes inspiration from the beauty and diversity of color that accompanies each season. He explains; “...if you look really closely, there are a myriad of colors and fine details to be discovered.” His paintings connect with viewers, sparking new ideas and wanderlust.

Pietro Adamo, Impasto Landscape Artist

Artistic Process

Adamo takes moments of inspiration back to his studio, where they are expressed on the canvas with a uniquely graceful complexity. Lead by intuition, he intimately works with palette knives, both applying and removing pigment to create a tactile quality.

As hours in the studio tick by, layer upon layer of vibrant colors dynamically emerge and recede within the canvas. The results are immense masterpieces, which are perfect for connecting inside spaces with the great outdoors.

Pietro Adamo Textured Art Print Detail

Pietro Adamo Impasto Landscape Artist Canada

Pietro Adamo's Prints

Framed Abstract City Skyline Art Print, On the Town by Pietro Adamo Out of stock

On The Town

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Windswept Garden Abstract Floral Geomatique Textured Art Print by Pietro Adamo Out of stock

Windswept Garden

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Framed Abstract Landscape Textured Art Print Serene Season by Pietro Adamo Out of stock

Serene Season

$1,190 USD