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Infinite Closure

Steve Baylis

$955 USD

Infinite Closure

Steve Baylis

$955 USD

One of Baylis’ most versatile pieces, Infinite Closure textured contemporary art print offers the opportunity to experience the calming sensation of cooler and lighter colors, while providing a sense of glowing positivity. Baylis describes this piece as a sibling to Affinity for Inconsistency, representing regeneration and new beginnings.

Géomatique™ Print Size: 36" x 36" (Framed: 37" x 37")

Limited Edition Size: 300 available

Frame Info:

Infinite Closure Textured Art Print is framed with a contemporary metal float frame profile in brushed silver resulting in a look that is fresh and current.

**Verus Art is moving to a bigger and brighter space! Please bear with us as we get all set up. Some pieces may have a longer than usual delivery time. Please reach out to and we will let you know the timing for your specific order.**

More About The Print

Starting with multiple layers of oil and wax glazes with transparent pigment, before making passes of gestural brushwork, Baylis seeks to reflect energy itself. In what he describes as a complex expression of a simple thought, his works attract viewers to find their own meanings within the layers of this contemporary art print.

"Like the morning snow, this painting holds all the colors of the rainbow, yet reveals them subtly and with restraint. Inch by inch, this piece turned out just right."

Steve Baylis Mixing Paint with Cold Wax

Steve Baylis

Drawing on a personal meditative practice, Baylis’ works are informed by his own intuition, memories, experiences, and feelings. Inspired by principles of theoretical physics, the Unified Field Theory in particular, his bold and intricate paintings both draw viewers in to investigate their rich details yet cause them to stand back to consider the works as a whole.

Created with a unique process of layering, which takes several months to complete, Baylis’ works are truly captivating day after day.

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Contenporary Abstract Impressionist Artist Steve Baylis

Print Information

Our Géomatique™ textured printing process represents a new era for edition art, allowing artists to reproduce the colour and texture of their original artwork to the highest quality.

    •    Handcrafted, high-quality wooden frames
    •    Fade resistant and durable inks
    •    Limited Edition of 300 prints, each with a signed Certificate of Authenticity

Retailer Opportunities

We collaborate directly with artists to offer a curated portfolio of Limited Edition works that are distributed through our online store and a hand-selected network of designers and boutique retailers. If you’d like to see this print in your store, we’d love to hear from you.

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