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Rebecca Donald

Contemporary Landscape Artist Rebecca Donald Portrait

Rebecca Donald’s abstract expressions of the rugged and breathtakingly beautiful Pacific Northwest coast are remarkably comforting yet incredibly moving, like an ocean view from a clifftop cabin. Intense brushstrokes stir up energy and passion, like a winter storm brewing on the horizon. Yet, her soft and mineralized palettes have soothing qualities, bringing a calm sense of balance into any home.

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“I work with paint to explore its material properties... to drip, smear, puddle, pool and coagulate, which provides a visceral interaction.”

Artist Inspiration

Inspired by the landscapes and nature surrounding her on the Pacific Northwest coast, Rebecca Donald’s works have a special ability to bring the feeling of being outdoors, indoors.

These intense landscapes blend local inspiration with her interest in the physical properties of paint. Focusing on the movement and qualities of paint allows Donald’s local imagery to become universally relatable. Her use of soft palettes complements a variety of interiors, captivating but not competing.

Rebecca Donald Impasto Landscape Artist

Artistic Process

Fascinated by the material qualities and versatility of various paints, Donald embraces paint’s propensity to drip, smear, puddle, pool and coagulate.

Using both oils and acrylics, she layers light washes with heavily textured applications of paint over the surfaces of her canvases.

She explains, this technique “provides a visceral interaction with a substance that is fundamental to my interest in dualities between control and chance, beauty and ugliness, clean and dirty, as well as between the material and the image.”

Rebecca Donald Textured Art Print Detail

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