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Sasha Lozaic

Sasha Lozaic

Sasha Lozaic paints modern natural icons, like the Rocky Mountains, with techniques and processes inspired by the old masters, including artists Gainsborough and Constable. As a result, Lozaic’s works are intense and complex contemporary paintings, with abstract qualities that stem from deep thoughts and perspectives about life in a commercial and modern world.

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“I’m naturally driven to paint by a desire to feel and see things from my imagination. I constantly find myself dreaming up and imagining new creations.”

Artist Inspiration

In the series featuring “Lake”, Sasha Lozaic examines how we deal with the truth of the Rocky Mountains in our lives. Lozaic examines how all too often we throw away a multitude of images, scarcely ever experiencing the real thrill of these enormous barriers, rarely to travel them or appreciate their huge capacity to generate extreme weather and provide great rivers and lakes.

While energizing and uplifting, Lozaic’s works are somewhat humbling, as we are reminded of the enormity and power of the world’s most loved mountain ranges and natural formations.

Sasha Lozaic Abstract Artist in Vancouver, BC

Artistic Process

Mostly using molding paste with acrylic paints, Lozaic works efficiently to lay the foundations of his landscape, building richly textured forms then sometimes returning to add to his canvases with layers of oils.

Lozaic’s paintings of these mountain scenes display them as hard-edged tough containers of immense energy. With thick brushstrokes and rich textures within the paint, his works carry this passion and vibrancy into the home.

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Sasha Lozaic Impasto Abstract Artist Canada

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