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Stephanie Fehrenbach

Stephanie Fehrenbach Abstract Floral Artist

Let the bright blooms in Stephanie Fehrenbach’s abstract florals light up your home. Bold impasto strokes blend perfectly with her floral and feminine palette, truly defining sophisticated elegance. Inspired by flowers because of their delicate beauty, Fehrenbach approaches her work with fun and playfulness, recreating that sense of joy felt in a lush summer garden. Amplifying the contrast between bold blooms and a neutral canvas, Fehrenbach brings her abstract florals to life.

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“I love painting flowers and exploring ways I can depict them through abstraction. I’m interested in conveying the ideas of freedom and joy through their beauty.”

Artist Inspiration

Time spent outdoors has always brought Stephanie Fehrenbach joy: verdant gardens, gathering a bouquet of fresh flowers, or a simple walk along a wooded path allows her to tune out the busy world and reflect inward.

Her mission is to capture these moments and invite a similar joy and introspection in the viewer, recognizing that her art is about connecting and sharing with other people. “I love that something that has come from my soul can impact another person in some way.”

Impasto Abstract Floral Artist, Stephanie Fehrenbach

Artistic Process

Through a process of layering, Fehrenbach playfully fills her canvases with abundant arrays of colorful blooms and foliage, generously applying thick layers of oil, which pop and thrive against the neutral background.

Intentionally working with oils for their buttery texture and the way they blend so beautifully wet on wet, Fehrenbach begins with brushes to create gestural marks with thin washes of paint. Using her intuition these playful marks are what inform the rest of her composition, building up abstract forms with palette knives to achieve the thick textures and marbled swashes.

Stephanie Fehrenbach Textured Art Print Detail

Impasto Floral Abstract Artist Stephanie Fehrenbach
Role Models

Fehrenbach loves the freedom and expressiveness in the brushstrokes of Yang Yang Pan. She also admires Bobbie Burgers bold color palette and her ability to merge representation with abstraction.

Spreading Joy

When she’s not working with thick oils, Fehrenbach can be found with a palette of watercolors, and spreads her love for painting by teaching online courses to budding artists around the world.

Favorite Quote
“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for." -Georgia O’Keeffe

Stephanie Fehrenbach's Prints

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