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Artist Submission

One-on-one collaboration with artists is the very core of our business. The combination of your talent and creativity and our ability to accurately capture and reproduce each of your carefully considered brush strokes brings art lovers a new authentic yet accessible art experience.

We’re artist-centric and are serious about sharing the stories behind the artwork, fostering the love of art and providing a more meaningful experience for people buying artwork outside of galleries.

By selling Limited Edition works at a fair price through carefully selected retail networks, you can reach a broader audience and access a new source of revenue.

Our Géomatique™ print technology is perfect for showcasing dynamic artists who incorporate texture and depth into their work.

Please note that we only work with artists that create physical paintings and not digital artists as our technology requires that we scan your paintings to map the color and geometry of the surface.

We’re actively seeking new artists to collaborate with and welcome all submissions via the form below. Your studio can be based anywhere in the world, provided you can get your original piece to our production facility in Vancouver, Canada.

Artist Benefits
  • Reach new audiences through boutique retailers

  • Connect to new collectors, by sharing your story

  • Differentiate your offering to a diversity of art lovers with various budgets

  • Generate revenue from every print sold