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General Information

What are Verus Art® textured print made from and how are they made?
Verus Art textured prints are created using our proprietary dimensional reprographic and textured printing technology. First, we scan the artist’s original piece, capturing all the nuances of color, and measuring surface details as fine as one tenth of a human hair.

Our in-house print studio uses the precision data captured from the artist’s original and reproduces every detail on the painting’s surface using UV cured inks. Each piece is mounted on hardboard for long-lasting quality.

What is different about your prints?
Because we precisely capture the finest details of brushstrokes and color in an original work, and because we are able to print with texture, Verus Art prints are in a league of their own and remain true to an artist’s practice and body of work. We are artist-centric, enabling artists to work in their own studios and follow their own creative process yet reach wider audiences than they would be able to through a gallery-only model for distribution.

Where are the prints made?
Verus Art textured prints are made in Canada.

How many prints of each work will be made?
All Verus Art prints are limited edition. Maximum edition size is 300. Some pieces may be offered at more exclusive smaller edition runs.

How often will you be releasing new prints?
We will be releasing several new editions every month. Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to find out about new prints and artist collaborations.

What is a Certificate of Authenticity?
Our Certificates of Authenticity guarantee that each Verus Art textured print edition has been authorized by the artist. Every Verus Art print will come with a Certificates of Authenticity, which will be hand-signed by the artist and will state the number of the print within the edition.

Frame Information

What materials are the frames and where are they made?
Our frames are made using only high-quality woods from active reforestation programs. Our suppliers adhere to strict guidelines and use reclaimed wood when appropriate. Our frame moldings are 100% made in Italy and our prints are hand-framed in Canada.

Is framing included in the price and what are my frame options?
Yes. All Verus Art textured prints are framed. There are two premium frame options included in the print price. Ramio Opaque White and Ramio Satin Black.

Are there alternative frame options?
Yes. Each print has a premium frame option (shown above), which is satin black or opaque white. For an additional 10% fee, prints can be framed in five alternative finishes: Titanium Silver, Brushed Pewter, or Brushed Gold. Prints are not available unframed.

Order Information

Where can I view the collection in person?
Select boutique retailers will be offering Verus Art textured prints to their customers. Please contact us for the latest list of retail partners.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?
Please see our Shipping Information page for details.

When will my print be shipped?
Prints are hand-framed after ordering. We require 10 business days for framing before prints are shipped.

Can I order prints in different sizes?
No. We aim to stay true to the artist’s original vision, so each print is the same size as the original artwork.

Can I track the progress of my order?
You will receive a tracking email for your order. Contact customer service should you not receive a tracking email.

My reproduction arrived damaged, what can I do?
Please contact customer service as soon as possible. We’ll talk you through our warranty and returns process and we may ask you to take photos of the damage to help us assess the situation.

Artist Information

Do artists come and work in the Verus studio?
No. All Verus artists work in their own studios, producing pieces according to their own artistic process and creative inspiration. They then bring their original work into the Verus print studio for scanning, digitizing and printing.

Do Verus artists need to be based in Vancouver?
No. We are happy to work with artists all over the world, provided they can ship their original works to our Vancouver print studio.

How much does the artist receive for each print?
Each artist’s situation is unique. Retail pricing for a Verus Art print is based on size and gallery pricing of an artist’s original works. At Verus we endeavor to ensure the artist will make significantly more from a successful edition run than they would from a single original.

Are there size limits to the prints you can produce?
We can currently print up to 44” x 58”

Why would an artist want to sell prints?
Artists are excited to work on the Verus Art print platform as their works can reach a wider audience through boutique retailers that draw different clients than their gallery network. Many artists throughout history have chosen to broaden their reach through print making, but until now prints have typically been restricted to flat finishes which did not accurately reflect the work of artists using texture or multiple mediums.

How can I recommend an artist to work with Verus?
Collaborating with artists is the very core of our business. We’re interested in working with artists who incorporate texture and depth into their works. Artists can submit their portfolio at

Retailer and Designer Information

Can retailers access trade pricing?
Yes. We offer special wholesale rates to retailers within our network. You’ll need to submit a retailer application in order to receive a special login to access these prices.

Can designers access trade prices?
Designers can discuss pricing with their preferred Verus Art retailer. Designers can contact us at to find the latest list of retailers in our supply network.

Cleaning reproductions

How can I clean my Verus Art textured print?
While our prints are durable, we expect our prints to be treated like original art, by keeping touching to a minimum to avoid putting fingerprints and natural oils to transfer onto the surface.

Should you need to clean the surface, gently wipe the area with a slightly moist (water only) microfiber cloth or lint free silk cloth.

Can I use chemical cleaners on my frame?
No. Please do not use chemical cleaners. We can only test so many products, so please stick to using only a little water and avoid any chemicals which may damage the print.

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