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Our Story

Empowering contemporary artists to make their work more accessible, Verus Art® is using pioneering Géomatique™ print technology to create a curated portfolio of Limited Edition textured art prints.

Artists can offer textured prints without compromising on quality or impact. Perfect for art lovers who value quality, creativity and connection.

Empowering Artists

Our artist-centric culture places the artist and their works in the spotlight, ensuring the authenticity of their artistic process is respected and their stories are shared.

Designed for artists who work in textured media, our Géomatique Print technology captures an artist’s intent in minute detail. Artists can be confident each of their carefully considered brushstrokes and colour choices shine through with creativity and originality.

We empower contemporary artists to reach wider audiences, by offering edition works at fair prices through trusted retailers, in addition to their gallery network.  

This means artists can generate additional income, while new audiences around the world are able to discover, and take home, their artwork.

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Textured Art Prints that are True to the Original Brushstrokes

Texture True to The Original

Verus Art’s has pioneered technology to create a new class of textured art print: the Géomatique Print.

Measuring details as fine as one tenth of a human hair, our technology allows us to replicate both the colour and geometry of every brushstroke and detail in an original piece of art.

We’ve carefully curated our portfolio to showcase dynamic artists who incorporate texture and depth into their work, bringing the intricate feel of an artist’s brush stroke from their studio to your home.

Complete with a signed Certificate of Authenticity, retailers and designers can offer clientele handpicked works expressing originality and uniqueness.

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Textured Reproductions for Impasto Artists

Work With Us

Whether you’re a professional artist, an interior designer or a forward-thinking retailer, we’re actively looking to spark new relationships and grow our community.  

Artists who wish to see their impasto brushstrokes replicated into beautiful art prints are welcome to send a simple submission to our curatorial team.  

Retailers can request to join our wholesaler program to access special rates and discover our retailer support program. Designed to showcase the artist and tell their story on the shop floor, we’ll help you deliver a more meaningful experience to customers.

Artist Submission Retail Application
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