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Verus Art Limited Lifetime Warranry

Verus Art® customers can rest assured that every Géomatique™ print is covered with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

What does this warranty cover?

The Verus Art Limited Lifetime Warranty covers faulty workmanship and/or materials when the product is used in normal domestic conditions in accordance with our care and use instructions. It does not cover wear and tear, commercial use or misuse of the product. Defective textured prints will be replaced free of charge with an identical replacement, or one of equivalent value if the original product is no longer available. Please note that in the case of a set, only the faulty print will be replaced.

What does this warranty NOT cover?

The Verus Art Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover any damage caused by normal wear and tear, accident, misuse, abuse or commercial use. Scratches, stains, discoloration, corrosion or damage from cleaning, moving or storing prints will not be covered. Consequential damage is expressly excluded from this warranty.

Who is covered by this warranty?

The Verus Art Limited Lifetime Warranty covers the original retail consumer/purchaser of the print, or a consumer who receives the print new and unused as a gift from the original retail purchaser. Coverage terminates if a covered consumer sells or otherwise transfers the print to another party (this warranty is provided only to consumers, and all express and implied warranties to non-consumers are disclaimed).

What will Verus Art do?

Upon return of any defective textured print to Verus Art, defective prints will be replaced free of charge, or if the product is no longer in production it will be replaced by a similar product of equivalent value, or the purchaser will be provided with a refund of the amount paid at time of purchase.

How do I get service?

Verus Art Limited Lifetime Warranty is made solely by Verus Art, and no other person or entity. This Limited Lifetime Warranty is the only express warranty provided for a textured print.

For help and advice, or to make a claim under the Verus Art Limited Lifetime Warranty, please contact our support team via: +1 (604) 683 6150 or email us at

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