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Rebecca Donald’s intense West Coast landscapes magically blend her local scenery with her deep interest in the physical properties of paint. With a special ability to create something universally relatable from an environment so personal, her works stir up emotion and invites contemplation.

Textured Print of Contemporary Landscape by Rebecca Donald

Rebecca Donald

Using oils and acrylics, Rebecca Donald layers light washes with heavily textured applications of paint over the surfaces of her canvases.

Fascinated by the material qualities and versatility of paints, Donald explains how she embraces paint’s propensity to drip, smear, puddle, pool and coagulate.

Focusing on the movement and qualities of different mediums allows Donald’s use of soft palettes to blend with a variety of interiors, complementing and captivating, without competing.

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Contemporary Landscape Artist Rebecca Donald

Print Information

Our proprietary textured printing process represents a new era for edition art, allowing artists to reproduce the colour and texture of their original artwork to the highest quality.

  • Handcrafted, high-quality wooden frames
  • Fade resistant and durable inks
  • Limited Edition of 300 prints, each with a signed Certificate of Authenticity

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We collaborate directly with artists to offer a curated portfolio of Limited Edition works that are distributed through our online store and a hand-selected network of designers and boutique retailers. If you’d like to see this print in your store, we’d love to hear from you.

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