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Famous Blue Rain (Jeanne)

Danie Wood

$900 USD

Famous Blue Rain (Jeanne)

Danie Wood

$900 USD

Inspired by life in the Pacific Northwest, Danie Wood’s Famous Blue Rain modern landscape textured art print series is intended to invoke the natural landscape. Wood explains how the mist, rain and movement of the beyond creates an ever-changing horizon that’s represented here. Wood plays with the viscosity in oil paint, mixing in different mediums to achieve her signature “rainy” look.

Géomatique™ Print Size: 36" x 36" (Framed: 37" x 37")

Limited Edition Size: 300 available

Frame Info: Famous Blue Rain (Olivia) Textured Art Print is framed with a contemporary metal float frame profile in brushed silver resulting in a look that is fresh and current.

More About The Print

The shadows and colors throughout a day on the Pacific Northwest coast inspire the palette of Wood’s Famous Blue Rain set of three. She explains how these modern landscapes embody the setting sun, the passing clouds, the sky itself, in all its variations of grey, blue and warm yellow hues. Offering a time for contemplation, Wood hopes to give the viewer a moment of pause. A moment to reflect. A moment of Zen.

“These paintings are a rendition of being in my backyard. A special place to watch and feel the elements changing before you and to feel the wonder of the vastness of it all.”

Artist Danie Wood Painting in her Studio

Danie Wood

Danie Wood is a nature-immersed artist, living in a rural island town on Vancouver Island, BC. Inspired by the ever-changing weather systems of the temperate rainforest surrounding her home, she works with rich mineral and earthy palettes, that will add an essence of the outdoors to any home.

Embracing bold strokes and strong sweeps of paint in her modern landscape artwork, Wood expresses her moods and cuts deep into her raw feelings and emotions.

Perfectly reflected in Verus Art textured prints, Wood’s art is ideal for homes that crave artwork that is deep and meaningful, bursting with passion.

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Abstract Artist Danie Wood

Print Information

Our Géomatique™ textured printing process represents a new era for edition art, allowing artists to reproduce the colour and texture of their original artwork to the highest quality.

    •    Handcrafted, high-quality wooden frames
    •    Fade resistant and durable inks
    •    Limited Edition of 300 prints, each with a signed Certificate of Authenticity

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We collaborate directly with artists to offer a curated portfolio of Limited Edition works that are distributed through our online store and a hand-selected network of designers and boutique retailers. If you’d like to see this print in your store, we’d love to hear from you.

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