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Meet the creative people behind our collection of textured art prints. Verus Art is privileged to collaborate with such an inspiring array of studio-based artists. Discover how they follow their individual passion to create with unique artistic processes.

Artist Barb Pearson Mixed Media Art Textured Print Detail Mixed Media Artist Barb Pearson Portrait
Barb Pearson
Revel in the liberation and freedom that Barb Pearson finds and expresses in her complex, mixed-media, abstract pieces. Her paintings are moving, inspiring and irresistibly mesmerizing.
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Detail of Claire Sower White on Gray Abstract Floral Textured Art Print Abstract Impasto Floral Artist Claire Sower
Claire Sower
Known for expressionist, impasto florals and vivid landscapes, Claire Sower intentionally paints short of showing you the whole story. Her prints will excite your imagination time and time again.
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Famous Blue Rain (Jeanne) Danie Wood
Danie Wood
Inspired by her natural surroundings in the Pacific Northwest, Danie Wood expresses her moods and cuts deep into her raw feelings and emotions with rich pigments, bold strokes and sweeps of paint.
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I Am Time Contemporary Abstract Artist Deb Chaney Portrait
Deb Chaney
Ignited by her inner spiritual journey, let Deb Chaney’s abstract compositions take you on a journey of emotional discovery. Favoring calming palettes, she creates with intention to soothe and nurture.
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Detail of Framed Abstract City Skyline Art Print, On the Town by Pietro Adamo Pietro Adamo Impasto Landscape Artist Portrait
Pietro Adamo
Pietro Adamo is known for his joyful confetti canons of color and texture. Inspired by the beauty of the world around us, his works will delight your sense of adventure.
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Rebecca Donald Abstract Landscape Print Detail Contemporary Landscape Artist Rebecca Donald Portrait
Rebecca Donald
Rebecca Donald’s abstract expressions of the rugged and breathtakingly beautiful Pacific Northwest coast are remarkably comforting yet incredibly moving, like an ocean view from a clifftop cabin.
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Lake Sasha Lozaic
Sasha Lozaic
Sasha Lozaic paints modern natural icons, like the Rocky Mountains, with techniques and processes inspired by the old masters, including artists Gainsborough and Constable.
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Stephanie Fehrenbach Dogwood Abstract Floral Textured Art Print Detail Stephanie Fehrenbach Abstract Floral Artist
Stephanie Fehrenbach
Let the bright blooms in Stephanie Fehrenbach’s abstract florals light up your home. Bold impasto strokes blend perfectly with her floral and feminine palette, truly defining sophisticated elegance.
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Detail of Baylis' Abstract Impressionism Textured Art Print Contemporary Abstract Impressionist Painter Steve Baylis Portrait
Steve Baylis
Allow the complex layers of Steve Baylis’ artwork to captivate you. What might appear simple from afar, will draw you in to think deeper, reflecting his meditative approach in the studio.
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